Integrate SDK


    <script src="http(s)://<CDN Host>/goeasy.js"></script>
1. Please don't download goeasy.js as your local js, GoEasy provides dynamic goeasy.js according to different browsers. Directly use local goeasy.js may get browser compatibility issues.
2. If your application needs to support Windows XP users​, please use HTTP ​to load goeasy.js. GoEasy will upgrade all SSL certificates to SHA-2 from Sep 22th 2016​, then all Windows XP users will not be able to connect GoEasy with HTTPS​.


Option 1. Manually download


Add dependency libraries:​ gson-2.3.1.jar, slf4j-api-1.7.2.jar

Option 2. Maven

​ Add goeasy repository to your pom.xml


and then add dependency:


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